Our Values

Underrepresented Creator
Underrepresented Creator


Whatever your back story, culture, religion, physicality, body shape, age or social background, everyone has a part to play at REFLECT. We respect our differences – they are what make us all unique.

Our social enterprise initiatives are at the heart of REFLECT. Providing our communities with opportunities within the media previously thought out of reach.


We will champion individuality, pushing for equal representation of diverse groups in the media whilst celebrating difference within our influencers, our clients and our colleagues.


Everything we do is done with honesty coupled with the integrity of always doing the very best we can in whatever we do. We accept we may not always get it right. D&I is a tricky area, but we will always do our best, and course correct if we mess up. #bekind


We understand that we are accountable for everything we do, whether you work at, with or for REFLECT, we are all accountable for our actions.